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We buy properties with cash, but more importantly, we do NOT use this one strategy alone, there are several and it doesn't necessarily involve a cash purchase. Helping distressed property owners stay out of foreclosures (the nuclear bomb of credit hits) is a BIG deal to us as are other undesirable pitfalls such as Vacant home headaches, unwanted inheritances, Bankruptcy and so forth. We are just a phone call or email away. We have the tools, we have the resources.

Mobile Phone: (203) 788 7866
Email: steve @goldsalvation .com OR


For Those of you That Have Already Lost Your Home
     Please DO NOT dispair! There are soultions out there we can use to help YOU too!
     Just go to our "contact" page (in the drop down menu after clicking on the "MORE"           button) and choose your method. Your information will be held private and with                   discretion, GUARANTEED. 

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