OUR Solutions

Step One-Acquiring funds:
   This solution involves online shopping. Many do it, but there are some that do not. The ones that do, just utilize these programs and keep doing what they already do, only with rewards.
   I have listed three (3) here that will help you keep more of what you already earn when you spend it shopping on line, so that perhaps you can trade some or even all of that savings for REAL money. 
The sites (in order of their number of merchants and highest payout, (most to least)) are free to join:



This company not only offers this customer portal, but there is also a HUGE business opportunity connected with this global company. Contact me for information.


Here are the other two:






There are more solutions in the works, but since more than 60% of The world shops on line, this is a good start.


There are many, many other ways to acquire funds needed to get protected. Since there are so many options, please just send me a message and I can help you find a good "fit" for you.
Survival Food & Gear

These folks have most everything you can think of...even seed for growing your own fruits and veggies!

This is another very reputable supplier. Shop both to get the best prices!

Cheap courses for Finance or almost  ANYTHING!

Over 20,000 inexpensive courses on just about anything you can think of. We put it here, because this site has some VERY good courses on personal finance.


Step two-Dispursing funds

     This step can be a little tricky, especially if you are wrestling with priorities. We recommend acquring gold, then silver and leave real estate alone for now.




    Good question! Gold has been international currency for at least 5,000 years (as far as we know). So no matter what happens with "paper" currency, gold will always be there (if you have it) to buy your neccessities with. Silver works as well, but is a bit more volitile and presently second to gold in value*


    Real Estate in my opinion, is not a currency, anyway. It isn't even a "true" investment.  And at this time one should stay clear of it, in my opinion. Its worth is determined by location, content, included resources, structures etc. The price of "as is" Real Estate fluctuates only with inflation/deflation or additional improvements made. My opinion on purchasing this is to WAIT for the price to hit bottom then buy if you are interested in this commodity. In a monetary society (which we are in), this commodity could make you wealthy using the correct strategies, however.



*This could easily change. Many experts think it may out perform gold in the near future.


Contact me if you have questions regarding these assets.

    There are many places I have found to date to acquire gold, silver and other "hard" assets. I will soon be posting more of these options for your perusal.



       Karatbars International



         You can get more information

        & join for FREE here, as a customer or

        an affiliate:   




    One of the best ways to protect your wealth. Trade your devaluing “paper” wealth for REAL money (gold) and get a prepaid card to load it on. Your dough is never out of your sight (or your pocket)! You can also buy and have shipped, physical gold as well.


Need options to protect your IRA?

(ask about your 401K, too)


Take a look at what these folks can do and get a FREE kit:



Stay Tuned for more!

Own a business? Are you an entrepreneur? Keep your eyes peeled for a new education site here. 


All of us in business know how quickly things change in business these days. This site will allow you to stay informed with the latest!

Join the Goldsalvation group FREE and learn about what the American pioneers knew about survival & more information on survival tactics, both new and forgotten. Just shoot me an email from the contact page and I will add you to my newsletter list. Stay up to date! We all know something is about to happen in the world and I am sure you don't want to get caught uninformed (at least I hope not)!








Stay Tuned for more!

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