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All the products and opportunities I post on here are either used by me or have been thoroughly researched. I don’t want anyone scammed or disappointed and I have had this site since 2015. These are just the latest ones. Finding products like these and researching them is about 90% of what I do.

Enjoy browsing and please feel free to contact me for any reason-

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P.S. Precious metals I will not post here due to the rapidly changing prices. I have a few vendors, so I can give you the list or if you are ready in the “now” I can give you the one with the best prices on the spot.


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The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies- Brand New 


Home Doctor – BRAND NEW!

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Aizen Power

A Lot of guys have tried various meds and supplements to help with ED. Problem is, there is no one size fits all chemistry for this problem. A doctor should be consulted before you try any of these but they aren't always as helpful as one would like. This product has helped many guys. 


Lost Frontier Handbook

Many of us are clueless when it comes to remedies that healed and sustained our ancestors, since they were replaced long before most of us were born with modern day them or not. However there are some VERY effective remedies in this book...all natural. Worth having it in your library



Well I’m sure many of you have seen TV commercials advertising products like these. These are superior as they do little or no advertising on expensive platforms, which saves us money as consumers. Check it out. This stuff is GREAT!

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I am ALWAYS searching for good deals on items that can help folks. Especially in the difficult times we are in, it is imperative to me that I continue doing so. More to come!

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