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About Stephen:







I have worn many hats in my lifetime, now just now halfway through seven decades, but I never dreamed I would be doing something such as this. From musician, to combat soldier, to mechanic, to compressed air systems designer, to Machinist, to engineer, to IT professional and marketer, I had over the years, acquired many skills, but this was a whole new challenge to take on. Starting after the last "crash" in 2008, I began to do a great deal of digging, discovering and learning, but I was determined to get to the truth! I remember my father losing a bunch back in 1987 after THAT fiasco and some went to jail for trying to set fire to our economy while making themselves wealthier. This time around, just the opposite happened...we bailed them out!


As I went along, I began to see what was happening to our veterans. Being one myself, I was appalled at how these people were being treated when they had finished their obligation! This wasn't an issue when I left the service, why should it be now? Where was the money going to support their well-earned benefits?! The Central Banker's & politicians pockets!

That got me even more intensely focused. Then I wondered about Social Security on the skids and other issues that began to surface. Then I realized that this is something I needed, NOT wanted, to do because I saw this as a war that needs to be and for ALL of us. And it WILL take ALL of us to do this, which is the reason for this website. To educate, receive input from others and offer proven solutions that I use myself.

It made sense what I had found out and I am still uncovering things hidden by those that have created this mess.

I began to remember my own experiences with the complete removal of real money from the paper currency back in August,1971 (FDR originally took paper currency off the gold standard and made gold illegal to own (until 1976), in 1933, but silver was still in place to keep currency real"money"). The declining interest rates in my savings and other accounts and the "reasons" the banking and big business industries gave for this happening. I soon realized that we were being cleverly lied to, robbed and not many people saw it the way it REALLY is.

The ones that did realize it were not going to "rock the boat", as it were, or stuck their heads in the "sand". So what CAN you do? Well...


                                        Obviously, there is something SERIOUSLY wrong here. AND

                                                           It needs to be addressed!

So here I am...armed with information, a place to vent and contribute, a place for others to do the same via email or blog to me and a starting solution for those that want and/or need it, with more to come!


After all, I am trying to start a TEAM of like-minded people. The word IS getting out.


So it begun about ten years ago, armed with my new found knowledge and some people that already knew what I had learned as support and some comaraderie. Refreshing to see people with the same mindset as our country's founders! It has taken me this long just to start organizing everything, as there is a constant flow of new information to keep abreast of and add here. More solutions and options too, will be forthcoming.


I know it is not a good strategy or even realistic to try to "beat" these greedy ones at their own's too late, in my opinion...but I know how to protect myself and others from them and survive what they are implementing. That is why I came up with these options and solutions, to share with everyone that "sees" what is going on and wishes to protect themselves, too. This is not the only weapon in the arsenal, but I am not waiting until they are ALL ready. I need to help people NOW, because no one knows WHEN this currency collapse/wealth shift will happen. Not even the experts!


But of course, no one is telling the public except those experts and you don't see them much on main stream media, if AT ALL! This is becoming more and more common as time goes on.


The situation is FAR more complex than I am portraying here. This fiasco started by the Central Bank cartel has enslaved populations and puppetized politicians around the globe. We need to protect ourselves. Not only am I in precious metals, but also some facets of the Real Estate industry. Including what is known as "overage recovery" that involves helping folks that have lost their homes through default. Contact me regarding this or anything else you may have comments or questions about. 

I also encourage you to share your own experiences! Feel free to contact me. The year 2020 I call "The Year of consequences". That might be too mellow a phrase to use, seeing what has transpired since I coined it. In any event, we still need to do as I mentioned above. 2021 will be an even BIGGER challenge. And 2022? There are many opinons on what will be taking place then. My advice though is regardless of what happens, you NEED to be prepared!

         It is far better to have solutions at hand and not need them, than the far

                      worse scenario, needing them and not having them!

That’s it about "me". I hope you find answers here, as I have sincerely put everything I have learned (and staying abreast of) in front of you, as well as solutions I use myself that work. Feel free to share your thoughts and views! Contact me anytime!

UPDATE: It seems that the foe may have met their fate, but that does not by ANY stretch absolve us from self protection. Regardless of what anyone else tells you (even the "experts") about how GREAT everything will be, or already is, it will still be crashing down. The longer they prop it up, the worse it will be when it hits. You still need PAID FOR hard assets and survival items to protect you and your loved ones from what WILL happen. If you don't believe me, then do what others tell you. I will still be here to help, God willing...if it isn't too late.


Blessings to you all,




Well in case you haven't noticed, our country and all the other countries on the planet have had their economies a VERY negative way, while Human "sheep" sit idle in their mindsets and take it on the chin. If we don't wake up, and soon, we will all be dead broke and be living in a world of have's and have nots. Ever read about the days of serfs and kings and queens? Well that is where we are headed. to repeat that. It is already well into the works. There are people out there that still have the guts to tell the truth. NOT what the media wants you to believe. Here are a couple of them:

Greg Hunter-http//   Gregory Mannarino- http//www.traders
I pray y'all will wake up before taking our wealth is not the only things they wish to take. They also want to depopulate the planet. OK?

        The late Mr. George Carlin would have known EXACTLY why I do what I do.

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