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What is happening with it and where is it going?

Because of the amount of time gone by and the smoke and mirrors set up by the central banking systems (this includes the ones around the world) over the last 45+ years, many do not know what REAL money is! To understand what is going on (if you don't already), watch these videos. We are sure you will understand after that.

Please feel free to write comments or ask questions if you have them on Stephen's blog (link on contact page). After all, that's part of how we learn and motivates us and our constituents to keep informed, so that we may keep YOU informed.

                            About The FED...

What About MY paper currency?

Well, let's start with why you should NOT be saving it!

The worth of German currency in the spring of 1923

 Why you should trade your "paper" for "hard assets" after  over 100 years of "foolery",  before it's too late.

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