Welcome to Goldsalvation. Here you will find information and a few solutions for people to use to help protect themselves from the upcoming wealth shift and the continuing collapse of the U.S. dollar, as well as the global economic mess. There will be more options to come, including survival info, so keep an eye on the "solutions" page & stay tuned.

See the dark, moving clouds in the backround? There's a storm coming...are you ready for it?

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-Stephen W Weber



This was 17 Trillion 2 years ago. Check it out NOW
 What IS going on with $$ ?

If you have watched the half hour video above right, you probably have gotten a good handle on it or, perhaps you already know. However, it's a bit more invoved (a BIG bit) than the cartoon portrays...The problem is now GLOBAL and it is the eve of the collapse of currency...money as we now know it, worldwide. AND an historically HUGE wealth shift, as well.


       Prepare yourself...

Create a team of people with a similar mindset to  help ourselves and  others survive the upcoming currency  collapse & wealth shift.


At this point in time, there are more soultions regarding control of your wealth, than there are alternatives to money itself. That is why self -employment is an option here, to give you more control of your wealth AND your life. In the training available on this site, you will find everything you need to start from scratch. Myself and my team are also here to help if you should need it.


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